How To Prepare For PG Entrance?

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Getting into a Post-Graduate course is perhaps the greatest desire of a Medical student and also perhaps the most demanding one. The end result depends on how well one has managed his/her time. There may be students who have read for a couple of months who get through with good ranks and also some who may be slogging for months at end and not get through. What is more important is how he/she manages the time available.

I will give a rough plan which proved useful to me during my own days.

  • Duration required : 5-7 months(if not working)/6-12 months(if working)
  • Time to be spent each day on studies: at least 6-8 hours
This time has to divided into time for preparing MCQs, time for reading text, and time for revising notes. This has to be roughly 30%, 60% and 10% of the time respectively.
During the last one month before the exams, this ratio has to be reversed with 60-70% of the time for MCQs and the rest for revising volatile subjects like Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Anesthesia.
This a just and overview and its just my personal opinion. You may design your own study plan which suits your own need.

Read well !! All of you!!

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