Download Dental Bytes 8th Ed Corrections for Free

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Dr.Suresh Shenvi Got the following ranks - KPET - 6th, PGI-18th, A.B.Shetty - 23rd, Manipal - 71, COMEDK - 55th and KAHE 43. He achieved this by going through various preparatory manuals and while at it found some corrections in the books. He has kindly shared these with us. Here are the links to the corrections he found in the Dental Bytes Books.

Click on the links -

  1. Free Dental Bytes 8th Ed Volume 1 Corrections Download
  2. Free Dental Bytes 8th Ed Volume 2 Corrections Download
Download it to your hard drive and compare with the original book.

Note please: It is advised that you do your own cross checks before conferring with the changes.

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