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Ten steps to your dream seat anywhere. These steps are very simple but they have the power to take you to your dream seat. I have followed them and my friends too. Success is not a chance rather it is a choice. Try these steps and god bless, you will reach your dream seat.

1) Find out what is your dream seat.

What is your dream seat??? Is it Endodontics at AIIMS or Orthopedics at Maulana Azad Medical College? Think again and again till you are convinced that you have a dream seat that makes you excited to the core of your heart. Dreams have immense power. When you pursue your dreams, the inner strength that we all have, the divinity in our soul manifests and you are amazed that your potential is infinite. It is true, I assure you.

2) Analyse your dream and set the goals

Make your goals very specific and clear. The days and nights of preparation is towards that single goal. Let you dream goals be AIIMS rank 1 or 2 or 3 or AIPGMEE 10 or 20 or 30 , Karnataka Post Graduate Entrance Test (KPGET) 3, 6 or 5. Any rank that makes it definite that you will get your dream seat with that rank. Believe in yourself  and believe that you are strong and worthy enough to reach your dream seat, that you will take the responsibility to make it true. That it is your destiny to get it. You will realise that the first person to doubt your ability is yourself. suggest continuously to self that you will get it. Once you get convinced then nothing can stop you from touching the Zenith of your dreams. ..

3. Make a time oriented plan.

It is said if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Perfect plan needs awareness on two things.

a) Total books to study
b) Time available for us.

Subjectwise decide the books you must and will read and keep them in study area. Divide the time for each subject and each book and write them in your diary. Follow them religiously. divide time as per importance of topics at exam. For example, in MDS entrance exams - Time kept for oral pathology(20-25qtns) must be 5 times that for biochemistry(4-5qtns). Logic is the total must read materials in oral patho will be about 5 times than biochemistry.

4.100 percent commitment.

Your commitment is your bullet proof defense. It will take care of all distractions. Remember no time for worries, news papers,cricket or movie. But find time to relax but make sure you earn that time.

5. Most important-revise daily, weekly and monthly.

Take it from my experience. Revision will only help for the exam which is months away and also gives us the knowledge to tackle the difficult and new questions that are very frequent in AIIMS and AIPGMEE. Revise 1 hour for every four hours of study, 1 day of every week and two days of every month. Memory turns to knowledge by timely revision.

6. Books to read

Gowri shankar(clinical & non clinical), Dental pulse(clinical & non clinical), Mudit khanna(2007 onwards), Amit Aashish(2007 onwards), Wadhwan for AIDPGE papers;  Dental Explore for AIIMS papers, Prabhakaran for Cariology and Periodontics..

Be smart enough to frame new questions from explanations. Buy any of the question paper banks for each subject. Do every question and mark them by red for unknown questions/ guess questionss and green for old known questions which are simple.

Always revise only the red marked questions. Compile all the model papers of target coaching classes,weekly and monthly, subject wise. Attempt them and color code them. Revise the red questions. This will get you many new questions in AIIMS and AIPGMEE.

7. Statergy for the exam preparation.

PG exam is a task and a task is best learned by practice. Strategy is very essential for proper execution of a task. The coaching classes are the place where we learn the task and we practise them continuously. Give every exam seriously. I highly recommend you to attempt any of All India level mock tests monthly. Attempt them seriously as the true exam and aim at reaching the dream rank you have decided for yourself. Try harder each time you write each month and ultimately the real exam results will bring you the dream seat

8. Keep yourself motivated.

The race is won when you fight till the end with same zeal. Share your dream with god. Let your prayers be the time to realize the presence of divinity and immense potential in you. Ask god to keep you as focused as ever. share your dream with your loved one, your best friend or someone who sincerely wants you to get the dream as much as you or even more. That person will be the needed source of motivation for you to keep moving ahead, focussed and determined. Even while resting, be motivated and feel for your dream. For atheists, focus on your goals in life and let it motivate you!

9. Time to complete the preparation.

AIIMS ----- atleast by September. Complete the books and MCQ papers. The real utility of effective revision you did as described will be evident when you start revising the topics. Revision will be less time consuming now.

AIPGMEE ------- atleast by October, then revise the red marked questions alone and even during revision months of  November and December, remind yoursef to revise daily and weekly. These timings are not strict but ideal to complete the revision adequately.

10. The exam strategy-

Remember, 3days or 3weeks or 3months or 3years whatever your duration of preparation, what counts is 3 hours of the exam. The exam pattern is well known. 200qtns in 3 hrs.make a simple and effective strategy of attempting questions. Practice this strategy in all mock exams you write, refine it and have a perfect picture of how you will approach the paper on the big day. No late night effort on day before exam, minimum 6 hours of sleep no hurry reading in morning, say prayers, get blessings from parents in the morning. Reach early to the centre. Revise your strategy to do questions in exam. 180 plus attempt is mandatory in AIDPGEE (270 plus in AIPGMEE) avoid mistakes of roll number and answer marking on OMR sheet.

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