5 Tips for MD/MS/MDS Entrance Exams

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  1. DRILL YOURSELF. Flash cards or practice “quizzes” are particularly useful for objective exams. Many text books include cd’s with practice questions or include such questions at the end of chapters. Use the tools you have available! Athletes and musicians rehearse and practice, why not you?
  2. RE-STUDY. Even after you know the material, review.
  3. TALK IT OVER. It can be very useful to discuss and talk about the material with classmates and/or friends. Talking about something is one way we gain mastery of material. It also serves to enhance our ability to remember material which of course is essential in an exam.
  4. TEACH. One of the best ways to master something is to teach someone else. Of course, you are not usually going to be able to take full advantage of that particular strategy but there is a convenient substitute. Talk about material with friends that are not taking the course. Your efforts to articulate concepts and facts will enhance your ability to remember them.
  5. REST. It is important and advantageous to be well rested prior to an exam. This alone will not ensure success, but if you are well prepared it will help ensure that you are alert, better able to focus, and experience fewer problems with memory lapses.

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