Failed to crack AIPMT in the first attempt? Here is what to do next

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Are you one of those people who have imagined themselves in a lab coat since school? Do you firmly believe in a healthier world and want to contribute in it? Well if you know that this your calling, don’t let the failure - in cracking the All India Pre Medical Entrance Test in the first go- stop you from your dream of being in the noblest job.

You don’t have to be confused with what to do with your dream anymore. Here are some practical solutions for you to continue traveling towards your goal.

Let us start…

Failing to crack an exam in the first attempt is not the end of the world. There are a number of options still open for you to follow your goal to make the world healthy.
The wind of passion opens all roadblocks
~ Anonymous

But before we get into them, there are some things you need to remember.
  • Never at any point of time lose hope
  • Note the areas you struggled in, during exam
  • Keep practicing previous year papers
  • Try to have an open mind about the line you want to opt for

Option 1: Appear for other exams

AIPMT is not the only exam to get into the top medical colleges of India. A number of institutes conduct their own exam, for e.g. AIIMS, BHU PMT, CMC Vellore, etc. make a list of these exams and apply to keep the dream alive.

Option 2: Drop one year

AIPMT is a yearly exam. In case you are fixated on this exam, drop one year and prepare subject wise. The one thing that might have gone wrong this time was lack of preparation. So, overcome that by focusing on every subject – Physics, Biology, and Chemistry now to ace the exam next year.

Option 3: Go for private institutes

If you don’t want to do either of the above-mentioned things, you can always join a private institute like Amity University, Santosh Medical College. Yes, it will not be easy on your pockets, but you will get quality education, access to an active placement board, and enough space and time to work on your skills.

Option 4: Look at other career options in the same field

If you doubt whether you want to keep humans healthy, altogether; maybe you should study to keep animals healthy. In that case, you will not have to bother with the regular medical exam. You will have to give just one exam, AIPVT, to be enrolled in a veterinary course.

The above-mentioned four options are the most common ones adopted by students who fail the first attempt. But if at any point of time you feel that maybe medical is not the right field for you, do not continue. Some lost years lost are better than a lifetime of regret.

The parting line: - Do not lose patience, follow your passion. And soon you will be legendary!

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