How to Prepare for KCET 2021?

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KCET is an undergraduate entrance exam conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). It seeks students willing to take admission in the Karnataka state engineering colleges and universities for their full-time course. KCET 2021 will be a pen and paper test as decided by the KEA and shall be conducted on April 21, 2021. The KEA board’s current directives suggest that the exam will be on schedule with the pre-existing KCET syllabus. Different state universities and private institutions provide engineering admission to the eligible candidates. The KCET syllabus is based on the PUC syllabus given by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka State. The test comprises four major subject questions, namely physics, chemistry, biology, and maths. 

The exam eligibility criteria consist of the students passing their class 12th board with a minimum of 45% marks. It is 40% for the reserved category class 12th students. 

This blog tells you about various strategies and KCET tips and tricks that can pass you the KCET exam held in April. 

KCET 2021 Preparation Tips 

These are some KCET preparation tips. 

Check the KCET syllabus: 

Knowing the KCET syllabus is the priority before starting the exam preparation. KEA publishes the KCET 2021 syllabus that consists of the topics coming for the exam. Once you are familiar with the KCET syllabus, you can make a suitable study plan to cover all the syllabus's listed topics. Moreover, going through the syllabus also tells you what not to study for the exam. It will help you in smoothening the KCET preparation process and get good marks. 

Make a suitable study plan:

It is important that you give time for your basic needs and priorities, which include sleeping, eating, having some fun outside, and even playing your favourite games. Along with these, you should allot sufficient time for each of the subjects coming in the KCET exam. You have to make a balance between reading new terms and topics and the revisions. Without one, the other is incomplete, hence allot sufficient time for both. 

Mock tests and practice papers: 

Mock tests and practice papers have much vital significance in KCET preparation. They help you establish your stronghold on the question type and also to analyse your preparation. You can easily correct the wrong answers if you know what mistakes you are making. Hence, it is recommended to solve at-least the previous five-year KCET examination papers and multiple mock tests. Regular practice will improve your efficiency and accuracy of the exam. 

Prepare short notes: 

You can prepare short sticky notes that help you in memorising the topic. It even helps when you are low on time and need a quick revision guide. Making efficient notes is an art, and by doing this, you will also practice your note-making skills. 

Do revisions: 

Revisions are an essential part of any preparation. It prepares you for the final exam and boosts your confidence. Revisions are a great way to establish your stronghold on the topics before going for the exam. You can revise through the study guides or the short notes that you make during the study. 


KCET 2021 will be conducted in April 2021, and it takes admission for the undergraduate programmes of different state colleges and private institutions. It's an annual exam conducted by the KEA and is popular among the science students. The tentative date for the release of the application form is in the 4th week of January. Students need to believe in their KCET preparation strategies to achieve success in the exam. Keep learning new topics in the required subject and revise them thoroughly. You can follow the above-given strategies to streamline your KCET preparation process and get high marks in the exam.

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